Race Recap: The Bronx 10-Mile

20180930_111350Hi! I ran a race! The Bronx 10-Mile run was this past Sunday and I enjoyed it immensely. I’ve never run an official race of this distance before but I found I loved it. For whatever reason, it was mentally easier for me than a half marathon, even though it’s only a three-mile difference. I was worried about this particular route because it was a straight shot out from the start for about four miles, followed by a mile-and-a-half-or-so loop, then the remaining 4-5 miles straight back. The shape of the route was basically a T, if that makes sense. I worried it would be redundant, since we really only covered five miles in terms of sightseeing while running, but I ended up loving it. I found it easier to assess how I was feeling without having to think too hard about where exactly I was on the course. Plus, it was great starting in a later wave and passing by the crazy-fast runners from wave one who were already on their home stretches and sprinting toward the finish line.

So! The race itself. I felt great for the entire first half, which surprised me. The weekend before the race, when I was supposed to do my long ten-mile run, I ended up getting sick with a nasty throat/sinus thing. I opted out of the long run, and didn’t run the first half of that week leading up to the race in the hopes of a full recovery. I was still coughing a bit during the race, but I don’t regret taking those days off of running.

Mile 5 kicked off with a hill, but it also happened to be the point in the route where we rounded the “T” shape for that last (4-5 mile) straightaway to the finish line. That arbitrary “halfway point” proved to be excellent motivation for the hill, and I was proud of myself for pushing through it. But then miles six and seven felt extremely difficult. I didn’t wear my Garmin so I can’t talk about my splits with accuracy, but I do think I significantly slowed down during those two miles. I tried not stopping for water at all, but somewhere in mile seven I changed my mind and grabbed water right after passing mile eight. I’m so glad I did. Honestly think I would’ve passed out or started walking had I not stopped. Also, by that point in the race, I felt so close to the finish line that the temporary walking didn’t hinder the rest of the run. It was easier to find the motivation to keep going knowing I had less than two miles left, compared to a more daunting five had I stopped for water earlier.

I attribute all my good feelings about this race and distance to a rather rigorous training schedule that I started toward the end of July. I’ll include the full schedule below. All runs/workouts X’d out in pink were ones that I completed, and anything crossed out in blue denotes runs/workouts that I skipped for various reasons (usually just running out of hours in the day).

10M training
Please note: I never, ever missed a Friday rest 🙂

This training was more intense that I’m used to; my past training schedules tended to have a lot more rest and/or cross-training days, and not so many back-to-back runs. And despite skipping several runs over the course of the training, I was still running more than any other race I’ve trained for in terms of mileage. I think that’s partially the reason I felt so strong during this race, and why my recovery was relatively easy and painless.

I will say that after the race, on my way back home I was dealing with some unseemly bodily functions. I won’t get too into it, but I did vomit on the subway platform after getting off the train at my stop (into a bag! Don’t worry!). I’m not sure why my body started breaking down on the way home, but the only thing I can think to attribute it to was my eating leading up to the race. I wasn’t consciously eating well, so I think pushing myself after a week of not-the-best diet took a toll. But in terms of soreness and injuries, I felt great and ready to run only two days after the race, which was a good feeling.

This has turned into a long recap, so I’ll wrap it up. My goal for this race was to finish in 1:30, and my final time was 1:29.24. I maintained an 8:57 minute/mile pace, and I’m super proud of breaking a 9-minute-mile for this longer distance. And as for my nerdy stats: I finished in 5,386th place overall, out of 12,596; I finished 1,500th out of 5,976 women; and I placed 394th out of 1,221 in my age group. In case you’re interested, the guy who won this race was named Harbert Okuti, and he finished in (!!) 48.35 (!!) (that’s a pace of 4:52. So incredible).

So that’s it! I felt great and I loved this distance. I will be running the Bronx 10-Mile again. Next up is the Staten Island Half Marathon, coming in hot on Sunday, October 14. I’m a little nervous for this one, especially given the immediate aftermath of the 10-Mile, but I’m going to focus on eating right between now and then. I’m doing this one with my older brother, and we’re going to try and fit in a 10-mile run tomorrow in preparation. WOW I LOVE RUNNING. ◊

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