Another Race Recap: Queens 10K

Hi! More running stuff! I promise at the end of this month, I’ll be back with another series of reviews. But I ran a 10K last weekend, which is the longest outdoor race I’ve run in a while, but the second race I ran this June. It was so much fun. Let me tell you all about it.

I participated in the Queens 10K, part of the NYRR Five-Borough Series, and the course was lovely. There were some steep challenging hills but they were short, and the route finished in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, which offered nice (and much-needed) shade and scenery. I’ll start by saying that I didn’t train for this race properly, and by that I mean I didn’t really train at all. And I could tell in a way that I couldn’t during the 3.5-miler I ran earlier this month. I felt pretty tired after the first 5K, and felt like I slowed way down shortly after that. Miles 4 and 5 also coincided with a pretty desolate area on the course, and the cheering bystanders were few and far between. I’ve found it always helps to have a bunch of strangers screaming “WOO” as you run by. But I didn’t walk at any point during the race, so I was proud of myself for that.

Because I hadn’t been training, I didn’t really set a goal for this race. I ended up running it in 59:13, with an overall pace of 9:32/mile, and I finished by 5K in 29:21. Also, the results page offered some fun, nerdy information, including:

  • Overall, I placed 6,297 of 11,444
  • By gender, I placed 1,943 of 5,244
  • In my age-group, I placed 454 of 1,058
  • Age-graded, I placed 2,409 of 5,244 (percentile age-graded: 51.23%)

I’m actually not sure what the age-graded stat means, so if anyone has any intel, please let me know! So all things considered, it’s not the fastest I’ve ever run, but I didn’t expect a personal best from this race and I’m pretty happy with the time.

I’m actually a bit shocked that my first 5K time wasn’t significantly faster than my second 5K. I felt like I slowed way down during the second half of the race, and went out a little too hard during the first 5K, but I must have picked up my pace toward the finish line or something. Or maybe my perception of speed was all off because I didn’t wear my Garmin watch and didn’t really pay close attention to the running timer.20180616_093831

I did this race with my brother and the best part about that was that he seems to have caught the racing bug too! Right after the Queens 10K, he asked if I wanted to sign up for the Bronx 10-Mile Run at the end of September, and actually train for it this time. So we’re doing that! I’m so excited, I have my training calendar all set to go, so I’ll be doing some casual runs until I officially start training in July.

This feels a nice progression of races, and will maybe give me the motivation I need to sign up for another half marathon. It’s been too long, and maybe this will finally be the year that I break 2 hours. Sixth time’s a charm? ◊

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