We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

… to bring you: A RACE RECAP! I RAN A RACE! For the first time in a very! long! time! Last night, I participated in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge, which was a 3.5-mile race in Central Park.

Me and my coworker, Jes, before the race

It’s shorter than any race I’ve done in recent memory, which was great for me mentally. I went into it knowing that I regularly run this distance throughout the week at the gym, so that helped me avoid any “I can’t do this” thoughts, which in turn helped me push myself harder. It’s also easier to push yourself when you’re surrounded by 15,000 people who are all there for the same reason. Ah, I love races.

This is also the point where I should mention that I completely demolished my 5K PR! Like, I’m shocked at my time and worried that my chip was tampered with… I finished my 3.5 miles in 30:02, which was an 8:35 min/mile pace (!!!!!!). That’s huge for me. I haven’t run that fast in I don’t know how long, and I think it has a lot to do with the race length. Normally my splits are higher because I’m running a long race where I know I can’t sustain that kind of pace without hurting myself or completely burning out by mile 5. But this run felt great, especially for being my first run outside in a long time (it’s been a long ass winter). I’m so pumped about this time.

The route started on the East side of Central Park around 88th Street. We started running north until around 110th Street, where we cut west, and then finished running south down the west side of the park. It was a super lovely route (if hilly) because that brief period running west coincided with a beautiful sunset, which served as temporary distraction from the struggle of the hills.

The weather could not have been more perfect, which I attribute to the good timing of the race. It started at 7 PM, but – like literally everything in New York – it was massively crowded and congested. I didn’t start running until 7:40ish, since I was in the sixth wave. But again, this allowed me to meet the sunset a little over one mile in, so no complaints here.

It’s safe to say I’ve officially caught the racing bug again, and just in time because I have a 10K coming up in a couple weeks. June is about to turn this blog back into a running blog temporarily, and I’m okay with that. ◊

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