The New York City Marathon

So I’m not quite done with the book I’m reading – I’m close though, and really like it so far. This is one of those switching-gears posts about running, even though this blog heavily favors the reading portion above all else.

So it’s [feels like it’s] been forever since my last race. I’ve been running for fun and because it’s a great way to get to know my new-ish neighborhood (I moved to Brooklyn at the beginning of October). But I recently watched some friends finish a half marathon in Prospect Park and I’ve been itching to race ever since.

Fast forward to today, when I was lucky enough to stake out a few really great spots to watch the NYC Marathon. Watching so many different people of all ages, nationalities, sizes, and ability committed to running 26.2 miles was incredible. I saw people crying, laughing, dancing, yelling, vomiting (slightly less inspiring), limping, grimacing, and doing basically everything in between.

So I got home and entered the lottery for a spot. They implement the lottery to keep numbers manageable (even though more than 50,000 people still participate), but I feel like the lottery method will do even more by way of motivation during training. If I get in and then whine about a long run I have to do, I can think of the hundreds of thousands of people who didn’t get in and wish they were planning out that long run that I’m complaining about.

So yeah. That’s my latest running news. It isn’t really news at all, because I didn’t officially register because I might not get a spot… but if I do, then I’m running a marathon in 2016.

On the subway back from the race I stood by a father-daughter duo who had flown in from Perth (like, Australia) just to participate. They were chatting with an older man who finished his 49th marathon today. 49 MARATHONS! He’s working on completing one in every state, and so far he’s done 37 out of 50. I love running.

It was just incredible to see so many people come together, and so many people who paid money to run this insane distance for whatever reason they chose to run. People had their names on their shirts and I stood and screamed out these strangers’ names and it was just insane and wonderful and perfect.

Such a great day, such a great race, cross your fingers and pray that I get a spot because it feels like it’s finally time for me to run a marathon. ◊

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