2 Books, 1 Day (I Love Alexa Chung)

Today was a big reading day for me, apparently. This second read didn’t take long, but I did finish book #55 shortly after #54. Fun little anti-social sidenote: I didn’t speak out loud until about an hour ago (8pm) when I went to the recently-opened combination Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins for a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone. It was a good day.

Anyway, my 55th book of the year was short and perfect mostly because I think the author is perfect. I read It by Alexa Chung.

Am I getting too gif-happy lately?
Am I getting too gif-happy lately?

It is a beautiful little book by Chung, a model and fashion icon, filled with brief anecdotes and stories ranging from the 5 clothing items she cannot live without, even how to manage a broken heart. I was reading some customer reviews and a lot of people seemed to hate this book. I found it simple charming.

Between these brief stories and lists are photos. There were some sketches by Chung, polaroids of her and her friends, and professional images of both Chung and the models, actors, and musicians who serve as her inspiration.

So okay, not a ton of literary merit here and there really isn’t a premise or a story but I’m glad this book exists and I’m glad I impulsively bought it when I saw it. I follow Chung on Instagram (obvi) but I knew little about her; this book taught me that her grandpa had an amazing sense of style, among other things.

I loved it and I think I’ll go back to this book often for the pictures or some of the brief, more quotable material. Stay classy and cool, Alexa Chung. ◊

How to rage: Get a balloon and a best friend. Go to a festival in the desert. Be 24.”

– page 105

3 thoughts on “2 Books, 1 Day (I Love Alexa Chung)

  1. I force myself to steer toward the literary works of Faulkner, Poe, and Plath, thinking it will cultivate me into a more cerebral person. Reading your post reminds me that reading should sometimes just be fun and enlightening! Thank you!

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