Spring Half Marathon(s), Here I Come

I’ve been guiltily neglecting the “run” aspect of this blog, instead focusing almost entirely on the “read” part. I’ve been consistently taking care of the “sleep” element, but that’s boring to read about unless I have some sort of crazy dream one night. I’ll fill you guys in if I do. Anyway, going to talk about running for a sec.

So, one of my resolutions that has been overshadowed thus far in 2015 is to run another half marathon and do it in less than two hours. My first half marathon, one that I trained for almost entirely inside (and on a treadmill over the indoor track, usually) was pretty rough and pretty far away from the sub-2-hour goal. I ran my most recent one in Lake Mills, WI at 2:04.11, which is much closer to my sub-2-hour goal, so I’m feeling hopeful.

I am officially registered for two half marathons this spring, exactly six weeks apart. The first one is April 4 in Chicago. I ran my first half in Chicago, along Lakeshore Drive and this route looks pretty similar, meaning pretty flat, meaning easier to PR on, meaning sub-2-hour-half here I come (hopefully). Also pumped for this one because a.) I love Chicago b.) I love Chicago in the spring c.) my cousin lives in Chicago and she’s great d.) the meal for at the finish line is CHICAGO DEEP DISH PIZZA. What more could you ask for, coming through that finish line at around 10 in the morning, sweaty and sore and tired and maybe a little nauseous, with a steaming hot slice of Chicago deep dish pizza there waiting for you? Nothing. There is nothing more you could ask for.

So that should be a fun race. The second one I’m doing, six weeks later, is the Marion Arts Festival half, in the tiny Marion, IA on May 16. I’m pretty excited for this one too, just because it’ll be a different racing experience than any I’ve had. It’s not a huge race, and it’s all within Marion city limits. I’m guessing I’ll even see some familiar faces because Marion is close to my house/Cedar Rapids. So that could be fun or pretty awkward, we’ll see.

I am so excited to start training again. Running aimlessly is fun for a while, but I enjoy it so much more when there’s structure, and an end goal. So I’ve color-coordinated an intricate training schedule copied from one of the millions on the internet, and I’m in the process of adjusting it and adding on miles to continue my training during that six weeks between Chicago and Marion.

I’m slightly paranoid about injuries, but whatever, I’m young. And I feel like I can never legitimately complain about training or running again after my encounter during the Tyranena beer run last November, when that woman told me about finishing with a PR a week before getting a double mastectomy, and how she has run that half marathon every year since. That lady is my training motivation, and I don’t even know her name.

So yeah! I’m going to suck it up, buy a foam roller later today, and start training for my third and fourth half marathons on Monday. ◊


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