Some 2015 Resolutions

tumblr_newyearToday is the day before New Year’s Eve, meaning it’s the day for me to start thinking about the ways I wish I (or my situation) was different. Coming up with my resolutions is a painfully self-aware process, revealing a lot I try to generally suppress about myself. Thank God I only have to think about these inadequacies once a year, though (ha).

This year, I actually think I’ve come up with a pretty realistic and positive list of things to work on. True, some of my resolutions are ones that I ‘resolve’ every year, obviously demonstrating how effective they are. Others are totally new though, and I’m excited to see if I can stick with them. This will be a fun post to look back on while I’m waiting for 2016 to roll around. Here is my working list of 2015 resolutions:

  • Get a publishing job and move out of Iowa. I know I’ve led a relatively short life, and my elders would scoff at my restlessness, but I’ve been in the state of Iowa for far too long, meaning my entire life. It’s time to leave, and I better do it in 2015 otherwise I’m worried I’ll never make it out alive. Luckily, publishing jobs in Iowa are hard to come by, so here’s to hoping that these two resolutions will simply go hand-in-hand.
  • Stop being late. This is an example of that resolution I set every single year. I really think that if I continue trying to think about not being late, eventually I’ll stop being late to things. Until then, you’ll find me resolving to not be late.
  • Read 100 books. This is an example of a brand new resolution that I’ve never even considered before. I think it’s a realistic goal, though, and having this blog about books will help me keep track of how many I’ve read. I’m a notorious re-reader, because who doesn’t want to keep coming back to books and characters that they’ve fallen in love with? So I haven’t decided whether or not any books that I reread during 2015 will count towards my 100. Probably not, to make it more challenging. Another challenge I’m adding to this goal comes in my next resolution:
  • Not. Buy. Another. New. Book. Until. I have finished. EVERY. SINGLE. BOOK. That I own and haven’t read yet.* The periods are there to emphasize how serious I am about this resolution. I could wander into any given bookstore and walk out with $100 less and five or six brand new books that I can’t wait to read. I have a buildup of so many unread books, and the rate at which I purchase them far surpasses the rate at which I can read them. This will probably be my most difficult resolution to stick with in 2015, but I’m going to try so hard. There’s something about walking into a bookstore, I just can’t leave empty-handed. There are so many books in the world that I haven’t read yet, so walking into a store containing tons of those and leaving with none is physically painful. I’m being dramatic, but I’m preemptively defending my inevitable book purchases. No, no, no, no. I’m really going to do this one. My goal to read 100 books should help knock out the ones I own and haven’t read yet, but could also make it more difficult considering one of the books I still need to read is the 1,000+ page monster, Infinite Jest. I really need to do this, though. Plus, someday I’m going to move somewhere with beautiful bookshelves that will serve as the foundation for my future beautiful library. I know how proud I’m going to be, confidently answering “yes” when friends and family visit and ask: “have you really read all those books?”
  • I’d love to resolve to finally run a full marathon, but I think I need to quip “third time’s a charm” and do one more half-marathon instead. I got so close to a sub-2 hour half marathon last time, so I can’t commit to the full marathon until I do that. So that’s my lazy way of resolving to at least run another half this year, do it in less than 2 hours, and pave the way for full marathon training… eventually.
  • Try and drink 100 oz. of water each day. Apparently my magic number for the year will be 100.
  • Finally, my last resolution for 2015: find more reasons to go outside. Pretty simple, but important.

So those are it. I think the large focus on books is my subconscious continuation of self-education now that I’m out of school, but that’s okay. If I’ve led a life full of reading, 2015 will at least be a year full of deliberate reading. I’m so excited to start. ◊

* This resolution was complicated on Christmas when I received $50 to Barnes & Noble. I’ve made the decision that this gift card and any books purchased with it, even if they come after 2015, do not count as buying myself new books because it was a gift and I’m fairly certain that B&N gift cards depreciate value after a while. It only seems fair that I get to spend this lovely gift without guilt and at it’s full amount.

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