Hi, Hello, Welcome to My Blog

Hi friends! Thank you for reading my blog. I recently graduated from college and as the post-grad job hunt sinks in, I’ve slowly realized that I will no longer be required to write anything. Ever. Sometimes this inspires contentedness and a feeling of independence, but mostly I become terrified at the thought of never writing again. This is going to be my personal continuation of education through self-exploration and self-discovery by writing on a blog… Yeah, we’ll just call it that.

I plan on mostly writing about books, whether it’s an opinion about one I just finished, a look back on the most important ones to me, or something about the act of reading. I’m also training for my second half marathon, so I’m fully expecting some running/training posts to find their way in here. Some might be about life in general for a 20-something trying to get a job and move away from Iowa City. We’ll find out. Either way, thanks for stopping by, hope you’ll come back.

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